Privacy vs Security – you might want to use this site.

There’s something about the cross-party support and rush to get a new surveillance law on the statute books that doesn’t seem right to me. Although I can’t remember what the law was, I’m sure this isn’t the first time our Government has rushed a law through in the last week of their working time (why they have so many and such long holidays is another discussion….) which subsequently turned out to be poorly framed legislation. (Was that the RIPA bill?? Might have been) Yet here we are again. Being told to believe there’s an “Emergency”. Have the politicians never read the story of the boy who cried wolf? I’m prepared to accept that there’s “bad people” out there, terrorists & paedophiles being the current bogey-men. But I don’t think allowing the collection of EVERYONES data, thereby permitting at a stroke the state to be able to monitor every single one of us all the time is a proportionate response. Either the terrorists are winning after all or we’re living in 1984. The DRIP bill on which your MP will be voting tomorrow is another step along the way to a very bad place. As I’m writing this I can’t find the link to figures of how many requests were made for information collected under the RIPA last year. It was something like 500,000 requests – and they were made by organisations outside the security services like local authorities. Do you really think they need to know who you called, where and when?

There are sufficient people who are far better able than I am to assess the legal ramifications of this bill (Here’s a handy compilation of sources ) Meantime, the link at the start of this post is the easiest way to get in touch with your MP if you’re at all uncomfortable about the haste with which this DRIP bill is being put through.

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