Everyone should read this, but not so many will…….

There are folk around who don’t like the tone of Wings Over Scotland, and that’s fine. I get it that the author/publisher isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, it has to be said that he is a really good analyst. He dissects reports and speeches better than anyone else.  He digs and digs and goes back through dusty reports to check what’s being claimed.  Credit ought to be given where it’s due as no-one else is doing what he does. Without “Wings” the whole referendum debate would be a mere one way propaganda exercise.  Wings Over Scotland is proof of the way the internet has changed the political discourse just as much as the “Arab Spring”.

Now he’s produced a “Blue Book” which is in many ways is a collected rebuttal to the mis-information being published every day by the traditional news media.  You know the way it works – a politician says something, the Telegraph reports it, then the BBC News says “the newspapers are reporting……” and so it goes on with no journalistic attempt to query what the politician actually said.

I’ve linked to it, the WeeBlueBookDesktopEdition, on my blog site so that anyone who doesn’t want to go to Wings Over Scotland can still get a copy.

I’d like to hope everyone would at least scan through this Blue Book without pre-judgement or prejudice. If you watch Reporting Scotland or get your information from any of the 37 newspapers published in Scotland you owe it to yourself to at least look for the other side of the coin.