Coming Back To Life

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything at all on a blog.  I’ve been using comments on Facebook for that as Facebook facilitates easy discussion.  And talking and discussing is an important thing we should be doing these most divided of days.  So it’s back to blogging my thoughts – not that they’re worth anything more than anyone elses thoughts.  I hope anyone who reads this will make a comment and so can begin a discussion.  We’ve had  the EU Ref and a total spring clean in the UK Government. For better or worse we now are where we are.   What happens next?

Putting the band back together, coming back to life, that’s what I plan to do with this blog.  I’ll link it to my Facebook timeline so that new posts here will show up as a link over there.  (Or something like that!).  WordPress has changed since I last used it, so there’s some new ways of doing stuff that I’ll need to catch up on.

This blog’s been in existence for several years, but for most of them it’s been lying dormant, gathering cyber-dust and cyber-rust.  I’ve got work to do in blowing off the cobwebs, updating and completing much of the musical side,  selecting different images.  Better get started then……

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