What do you think?

A short post.  And a bit of a rant.  You have been warned. If you were wanting to ensure that an organisation you were responsble for is to fail, what might you do?   I know, it’s an odd kind of question as few of us set out to sabotage and ensure an organisation fails.  However…….

I might make it hard for the organisation to recruit new staff. Then I might make it hard for the organisation to keep those staff who currently work in it happy and motivated. After doing those, particularly to staff lower down the heirarchy in the organsation, then I’d sit back and think “Job Done”.  So if you did these two simple things, what do you think the effect would be over a period of say 4 or 5 years?

So when the Tories tell you they are investing in the NHS just re-read the paragraph above and remember they are doing this:

  • Imposing a contract on Junior Doctors which no-one in the medical sector thinks is safe.
  • Removing the bursary which helps student nurses and midwives.
  • Discussing sending back to their home EU country anyone who earns less than £35,000 pa.

Here’s an extract from the Royal College of Nurses NHS pay scales.

NHS pay scales

To get to the top of Band 6, I’m presuming takes a long time, many years of effort and dedication.  And it’s below the arbitrary threshold our Government is discussing.

So what do you think our Government is doing to the staff of our NHS?

I think they’re ensuring it will fail by making it an unattractive place to work. (Never mind all the real pressure on NHS staff from what they actually do every day) .

It looks like they’re just moving the recruitment problems over to Virgin Care, Circle, Spire, Care UK or any of the other private companies who are taking over the health service.  And that’s before you dig into the contracts and such like.



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