Location, Location Location….

There’s even a TV series of the same name.  It’s a good bit of light entertainment as people are hunting for their ideal homes aided by two professional (at least in TV terms) house experts.   But, let’s look at this from above, take a high-flying helicopter view.  Seen from above,  what is it about the location of our home that matters?   Proximity to transport, to shops, to jobs, to leisure facilities, to schools, broadband connectivity. Yes, these all matter to varying degrees, but there’s surely something more that matters too. Something that’s not measured by Zoopla. Something bigger.

How about having a home in a location which has some privacy?  On the LLL TV show homes which aren’t overlooked are apparently more desirable and sought after.  Yet, it doesn’t matter where your ideal location is in the UK now as the Government has legally abolished your privacy.  The Investigatory Powers Bill gives the Government not just the right to spy on your every movement and message but also requires that all this information about you is stored for 12 month periods of time. (See the bottom of this post for a list of the Government Agencies which can now legally, without asking your permission, access all your electronic information).  Do remember that the Alexa over there in the corner is always listening, otherwise how would it know to waken up on hearing the key word being spoken?   If you were asked to relocate to China or to North Korea, you’d know what to expect in the way of Government run surveillance and spying.  Yet this is exactly what is now happening on every High Street and Acacia Avenue in Britain.  The Government is storing every word you type, every call you make and a record of everything you look at.  Isn’t that something you should be concerned about when choosing your location?   That our ideal Location, Location, Location (wherever it is) now comes with intrusive state surveillance?  Did you choose that?

Maybe another factor in our ideal Location, Location, Location is the access to Healthcare. Hopefully it’s not something we plan to need or use frequently, but it’s something that’s nice to know it’s there and we can easily access it and be loked after at times of illness t accidents.  How’s that going in most Locations, Locations, Locations these days?  What’s happening to the NHS around your ideal location?

So when you’re thinking about the Location, Location, Location of your home maybe you should be thinking about more than Zoopla.  Maybe you should value a home in a location where the Government isn’t doing things which will make your life harder.   Where a Government is doing all it can to make life fair, to make opportunities available to everyone.  Where the Government is trying to be just (even with one had tied behind it’s back).  I wonder where in the United Kingdom such a Location, Location Location could be?

We’ll get a chance soon enough to decide on what’s really important in our ideal location. I wonder what Zoopla will say?



Here’s a full list of agencies that can now ask for UK citizens’ browsing history  (and actually a whole lot more) , which is laid out in Schedule 4 of the Bill and was collected by Chris Yiu, is below:

  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • City of London Police
  • Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
  • Police Service of Scotland
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • British Transport Police
  • Ministry of Defence Police
  • Royal Navy Police
  • Royal Military Police
  • Royal Air Force Police
  • Security Service
  • Secret Intelligence Service
  • GCHQ
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department of Health
  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Crime Agency
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Department for Transport
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
  • Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
  • Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
  • Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Gambling Commission
  • Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
  • Information Commissioner
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
  • Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
  • Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Business Services Organisation
  • Office of Communications
  • Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
  • Police Investigations and Review Commissioner
  • Scottish Ambulance Service Board
  • Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust







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