Changing Times,

Changing minds……………..

Just a short update,  we had friends staying with us over the weekend.  English friends from England.  It might surprise some people to know that Scottish people and English people can be friends.  (yes Sadiq Kahn, I’m looking at you….)   Indeed we’ve been friends for about 30 years now.  Even friends however can have arguments and disagreements and I had one with my friend back in 2014. We were on completely opposite sides of the Independence referendum.  We even parted from a joint weekend holiday with harsh words ringing in my ears.  My words mainly, and I was sad and ashamed that I said them.  However, the cross-border friendship endured.  This weekend, as I said, they were up staying with us.  And there were no cross words.  Just agreement that Scotland would be mad to stay within the omnishambles that is Brexit Britain.  Changing times. changing minds.



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