May The Force be with you!

… although it might seem like some ancient and mysterious force is needed to guide you thought the perplexities and complexities of the Single Transferrable Voting system which you are soon going to be asked to use, it’s actually not that difficult to get your head around.  (Assuming of course you’re reading this in the galactic land of Scotland and are going to use your vote in the Local Council Elections on May the Fourth…..)

The only really important thing to remember is “Never use an X”. This voting system is all about numbers.  So you must use a ‘1’  a ‘2’ a ‘3’ and so on.  Here’s a voting guide for you.  

This isn’t a vote for the Empire, no matter what the evil Senator Theresa Palpatine says.  This is all about your local councillors, the local folk who will really be sorting out all the street lights, the schools, the bantu droppings, the pot-holes in the tracks around Tatooine.   You’re not voting for the Senate. Not this time. So try not to be swayed and influenced by the stories the Senators are putting out about the alliance. Vote for the people who you think will get the job done. This is kinda how I see it….

Your voting slip will look kinda like this.  Loads of names with a space beside them where we need to put our numbers.

FETT Bobba
TheHUTT Jabba

You can’t vote for Padme Amidalla nor Senator Theresa Palpatine  (even though we just know her “Great Repeal Bill” is as big an act of democratic betrayal as the motion to have Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum removed from office).

Now – I quite like that Calrissian guy ‘coz he’s got experience of running the Cloud City. So he knows how to get things done in a small local goverment sort of way.  But, there’s others I think who have more potential.  So he’s not my number 1.   And,  just a hang on a minutes,  hang on a doggone minute,  whoever I vote for in this Local STV election I sure as Endors two moons really don’t want to vote for Darth Vader.  Hell no!  He’s the evil Senator Theresa Palpatine’s right hand man.  Giving him more power?  No chance… All I can do to try and deny Palpatine and Co getting more power is to vote for everyone above him.  So I think I’ll be voting like this:

FETT Bobba 6
KENOBI Obi-Wan 4
SOLO Han 2
TheHUTT Jabba 7
VADER Darth 8

Even Jabba The Hutt deserves a vote before Darth Vader….. at least Jabba ran a business…….

So, as you approach that polling booth on May the Fourth, or as you’re completing your postal voting slip right now, just remember that a very big game is being played with your vote.  Although it isn’t really about how much power it will give to Senator Theresa Palpatin, and she knows this, she’s trying to change the rules of the game for this election. Supporting her , well we already know how badly things turn out when Senator Palpatine becomes full of the Dark Side and declares themself as ‘Emperor’……….

As we all vote for local people whom we trust will do a good local job for us and deliver the local services and support we’ll all need in the future (and perhaps help us shape the type of planet and galaxy we want to live in)  –


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