I can’t begin to imagine the pain and suffering that parents and children who were at the concert in Manchester this week must be going through. That pain is with them now and for ever.  As a parent, it’s not supposed to be this way.  We’re not supposed to outlive our children.  We’re not supposed to have to arrange their funerals.  Of course accidents happen and some parents have to deal with this, but I don’t know how I would.  Especially if it was as a result of a mindless act of terrorism.  So my heart goes out to all those who have lost a child, and to any children who have lost a mum or a dad.  So, so sad.    We need to remember them not just today, and not just next week and next month.  But for the rest of their lives they’ll bear these scars and some will need our help and support for a long time to come.


But what’s happening now?  Two days afterwards.  We’ve got the UK in a state of fear with the alert level being at “Critical”.  We’ve changed our lives and our society away from what is normal.  Who benefits?   You can make a case for this being exactly what the longer aims of the terrorist are.  To cow and induce fear and division in our society.  This is surely the whole point of such attacks.  While we (sweeping generality here) in the West use our laser guided weapons and drones to destroy whole cities in the Far East, they can only retaliate with bombs in rucksacks.  And we’re (rightly) outraged when they do.  I’m not justifying terrorism in any way but maybe, just maybe, if our country wasn’t engaged in perma-war in countries so far away that few of us could reliably show where they are on a globe, there would be less incentive for anyone to attack our children.


I read many other bloggers writings and here’s a couple that have struck me as having made fair and valid points –

Policing – Mewsing Out Loud 

Why self-imposed political silence is a misguided reaction to terrorism


Politically we’re two weeks away form a General Election in the UK. Yet all campaigning has been suspended.  Parties have their (prospective) MPs and their activists on hold.  My favoured party – The Scottish National Party has been unable to publish their manifesto.  That’s a problem, a real problem for anyone who believes in Democracy.  A party being unable to launch it’s manifesto as the polling day gets closer is just wrong. 

Our Tory Prime Minister – who on Monday lunchtime was on the ropes and being exposed as “weak and wobbly” over her U-Turns on policies in her party’s manifesto has been given breathing space, if not thrown a lifeline.  And did anyone tell the media to suspend campaigning?  They’ve been in full-on attack mode on Jeremy Corbyn over his discussions with the IRA donkeys years ago.   Whatever way you look at it, this bomb has blown a great big hole in the UK’s democracy.  Respect for those who have suffered  (and are still suffering) has to be, and has been shown, but life – including campaigning – has to go on.  Otherwise the terrorist is winning.  Or one side of a democracy is taking advantage.  






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