Much ado about nothing….

…’coz I’ve not blogged anything for a couple of weeks. Kind of been on holiday I guess. What’s been happening?

The UK economy is still in dire straits. The £/$ exchange rate is still down to what looks like it’s going to be a longer term level for the ££.  OK so the FTSE100 and the FTSE250 are back to the levels they were at before the EU vote, but the Bank of England has just reduced interest rates and started another round of giving the banks money.  That has worked sooooo well for all of us in the past hasn’t it?    Sure the banks are still in business (are they really, truly successful bussineses ?)  RBS doesn’t seem to be. We’re almost a decade on from the great crash when it was near-nationalised and still it’s making Billions of £££ of losses.   Under what principle of capitalism is this rational?  A business which can’t make a profit should close – isn’t that what our capitalist economy is all about?  Except for banks which are “too big to fail”.   But steel industries are allowed to fail.

To keep any readers I may have entertained may I point you in the direction of the always excellent blogs by Grouse Beater?   Here he writes on the lunacy of nuclear weapons.

More to follow next week.

Brexit Blues

A friend pointed me to this article: Brexit Blues by John Lanchester on the London Review of Books website.  You can find it here:  (or here if you wish to cut’n’paste :

It’s an excellent piece which highlights many of the problems we’re now facing after the vote to leave the EU.  Well worth a few moments of reading and then a further few moments reflecting on it.

We’ve got a lot of work to do, just to stand still or even to get back to where we were before the vote.  I’m not certain that this has been recognised across society yet.  The “leave” campaign evoked all the jingoistic images of Britain standing tall, alone against the world.  But that’s just an unreal image of a time which can’t come back (if it ever existed at all).   It also had a society which was united.  Now its fractured along so many lines (political, class, nationality, religion, etc) that I find it hard to see how it can be joined together to do all the work that needs to be done.

What do you think?

A short post.  And a bit of a rant.  You have been warned. If you were wanting to ensure that an organisation you were responsble for is to fail, what might you do?   I know, it’s an odd kind of question as few of us set out to sabotage and ensure an organisation fails.  However…….

I might make it hard for the organisation to recruit new staff. Then I might make it hard for the organisation to keep those staff who currently work in it happy and motivated. After doing those, particularly to staff lower down the heirarchy in the organsation, then I’d sit back and think “Job Done”.  So if you did these two simple things, what do you think the effect would be over a period of say 4 or 5 years?

So when the Tories tell you they are investing in the NHS just re-read the paragraph above and remember they are doing this:

  • Imposing a contract on Junior Doctors which no-one in the medical sector thinks is safe.
  • Removing the bursary which helps student nurses and midwives.
  • Discussing sending back to their home EU country anyone who earns less than £35,000 pa.

Here’s an extract from the Royal College of Nurses NHS pay scales.

NHS pay scales

To get to the top of Band 6, I’m presuming takes a long time, many years of effort and dedication.  And it’s below the arbitrary threshold our Government is discussing.

So what do you think our Government is doing to the staff of our NHS?

I think they’re ensuring it will fail by making it an unattractive place to work. (Never mind all the real pressure on NHS staff from what they actually do every day) .

It looks like they’re just moving the recruitment problems over to Virgin Care, Circle, Spire, Care UK or any of the other private companies who are taking over the health service.  And that’s before you dig into the contracts and such like.



Coming Back To Life

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything at all on a blog.  I’ve been using comments on Facebook for that as Facebook facilitates easy discussion.  And talking and discussing is an important thing we should be doing these most divided of days.  So it’s back to blogging my thoughts – not that they’re worth anything more than anyone elses thoughts.  I hope anyone who reads this will make a comment and so can begin a discussion.  We’ve had  the EU Ref and a total spring clean in the UK Government. For better or worse we now are where we are.   What happens next?

Putting the band back together, coming back to life, that’s what I plan to do with this blog.  I’ll link it to my Facebook timeline so that new posts here will show up as a link over there.  (Or something like that!).  WordPress has changed since I last used it, so there’s some new ways of doing stuff that I’ll need to catch up on.

This blog’s been in existence for several years, but for most of them it’s been lying dormant, gathering cyber-dust and cyber-rust.  I’ve got work to do in blowing off the cobwebs, updating and completing much of the musical side,  selecting different images.  Better get started then……