Washburn/Disney “Hannah Montana” guitar mods

I bought this as a cheap toy to mess around with.  Underneath the naff Disney “Hannah Montana” logos and identity, this is a scaled down Telecaster made by Washburn.  This page will record the changes I make to it over the next few weeks.  Current plan is to re-finish it in something a little different from the current purple.  Is it worth the effort?  Who knows?

It’s made by Washburn, and it apparently has decent wood underneath the garish finish.  Pickup wise, it’s pretty much a Telecaster.  Two single coil pickups, through body stringing into a Telecaster style bridge.  Volume and Tone knobs, three way switch – what’s not to like?

These photos show how it looked when I bought it.  Pretty sad and in a poor state.  The back of the neck was marked, there was no top E string, it was dusty and had clearly been lying aorund un-loved and uncared for, for quite some time.


Here’s how it sounds – with absolutely no set up whatsoever.  Recorded from my Fender Mustang-Mini into Reaper on PC.  The Mustang was set on a clean AC30 with some delay and reverb.  The backing track comes from some guitar magazine CD.

A quick piece of nonesense on the Telecaster they call Hannah

So – what next?  Take it to pieces and strip off the finish.  I’m considering at the moment to giving it a swirl paint finish.




3 thoughts on “Washburn/Disney “Hannah Montana” guitar mods

  1. Tewrry

    A friend dropped an unloved, unplayed, unwanted “Disney” on me.
    The body front is hit with a pizzia metal flake(s) splat paint job.
    Disassemble. Reprofile and spray and polish neck. Fingerboard ok.
    Lightly sdand body front and apply clear to “fix” in place the paint.
    Polish and it’s fabo.
    Detain scratch plate. Replace Switch. Set neck and action.
    A shredder!!!


  2. I changed my hannah guitar to a lap steel the neck on it was crap guitar has decent sustain I like ne k pick up leaving it putting a tesla bridge pick up in it hopefully or will be awsome


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